Although carbonated water has existed for over 200 years, the global thirst for sparkling water is only just beginning! As sparkling water grows in popularity, many have questioned the health effects of drinking the bubbly beverage. We did our research and here’s a breakdown of some of the scientifically proven benefits of drinking carbonated water! 

Sparkling Water is Hydrating

The most obvious way sparkling water can benefit our health is that it promotes water consumption. Of course, the more water you consume, the more hydrated you will be! Many studies have concluded that carbonated water is just as hydrating as still water, so if you struggle with your daily water intake, try drinking carbonated water to help combat taste fatigue and make water more enticing (7). 

Water is essential to human health. According to the National Institute of Health, about 60% of the average adult human body is made of water. This includes your brain, heart, lungs, muscles, skin, and even about 30% of your bones. Water helps regulate our internal temperature, is essential for cellular function, transports nutrients throughout our bodies, flushes waste, lubricates joints and even serves as a protective shock absorber for vital organs. So, sparkling or flat – make water your best friend!

It May Increase Feelings of Fullness

Bubbly water may also help you feel fuller longer. Research has shown that sparkling water may help food remain in the stomach for a longer period of time than flat water, which can trigger a sensation of fullness (6). Because of this, the tiny bubbles in your glass of sparkling water may offer a helping hand when it comes to controlling overeating. The bubbles may trick your brain into feeling full, which means you will probably eat less.

It Can Help Kick Your Soda Habit

If you’re trying to cut back on your soda consumption, you might want to make sparkling water your new drink of choice. Drinking sparkling water provides the same sensation as drinking a soda without the added calories, sugar, artificial colours and sweeteners. 

To add a little excitement and flavour to your sparkling water, try adding real ingredients like fruit, veggies and herbs. Infusions like cucumber & mint, orange & basil or strawberry & lemon can make your sparkling water more appealing without adding any artificial ingredients or extra calories!

Drinking Carbonated Water May Aid Digestion

Carbonated water may benefit digestive health in a couple of ways. Firstly, studies suggest that sparkling water may improve swallowing ability in both young and older adults, which assists with overall digestion (1, 2, 3). In one study, participants were asked to repeatedly swallow different liquids and carbonated water showed the strongest ability to stimulate the nerves responsible for swallowing (2). 

Secondly, sparkling water can aid in digestion by reducing constipation. According to a study examining the impact of drinking still and sparkling water on digestion, a small test group who had been suffering from indigestion and constipation were given either sparkling or still water along with their regular diet. Over a two week period, those in the sparkling water group reported less constipation, feeling more full after a small amount of food and significant improvements in their symptoms of indigestion. Those given still water reported no alleviation of their symptoms (5). There’s also evidence that sparkling water may improve other symptoms of indigestion, including stomach pain.

While sparkling water can help with digestion in some, it is advised that patients with acid reflux, Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), or gas should stick to non-carbonated beverages, like plain water.

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