If plain water makes you yawn, a little sparkle and some fresh fruit can help make it more enticing! Infusing summer’s yummiest fruits into your sparkling water, juice, tea or wine takes the flavour to the next level. Here are the top five must-have summer fruits to incorporate into your favourite bubbly beverage. They taste like summer in a glass!

Top 5 Ingredients for Summer Sipping 

5. Mango

The mango is one of the world’s most eaten fruits with over 20 vitamins and minerals! A ripe and juicy mango is delicious simply sliced up – but it’s even better in a sparkling infusion, tea or cocktail. 

Why add it to your Spärkel? Mangoes are a great accent fruit! Their silky texture makes them perfect for carbonating and will add a taste of summer to any drink.

We recommend: Mango Peach Tea Fizz, Coconut Mango Refresher

4. Lime

A little sweet, a little sour, a lot delicious. Love the zesty flavour of the mighty lime? Add limes to your drink for a punch of tartness, vitamin C, antioxidants and a hint of extra sweetness.

Why add limes to your Spärkel? They may be small, but they sure pack a punch! All you need is one or two slices for big flavour.

We recommend: Raspberry Lime Sparkling Infusion, Coconut Lime Infusion

3. Peach

What would summer be without peaches? A fuzzy, ripe peach makes everything sweeter and there’s no shortage of ways to infuse them into your favourite bubbly beverage. While they’re still in season, jazz up your drink with this vitamin C packed fruit.

Why add it to your Spärkel? You can ditch the sweetener with peaches! Carbonating them will extract a delightful taste because of their soft texture.

We recommend: Peach Ginger Punch, Peach Bellini

2. Strawberry

Not only are they packed with antioxidants, but they’re amazing for eyes, skin and nails! There’s nothing better than the vibrant, fruity flavour of a ripe strawberry. These berries are so versatile, they can be incorporated into so many summer cocktails!

Why add it to your Spärkel? Bubbles love the texture of berries! Cut them in half to get the most flavour.

We recommend: Boozy Strawberry Poptails, Strawberry Peach Wine Spritzer

1. Watermelon

No surprise here! It’s a delicious sweet treat that’s a staple in the summertime! A great watermelon is a thing of true beauty and the perfect excuse to explore all things watermelon – including drink recipes!

Why add it to your Spärkel? Watermelon is soft and juicy, so it absorbs bubbles and is fun to eat!

We recommend: Watermelon Basil Agua Fresca, Spicy Watermelon Infusion

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