1. Strawberry Basil Infusion: 4 strawberries (stemmed and cut into quarters), 3-4 basil leaves, 2 slices of lime

2. Valentine’s Strawberry Basil Rosé : 5 strawberries (stemmed and cut into quarters), 3 basil leaves, 1 slice of lemon, rosé wine

Strawberry Basil Crush 2 Ways

Strawberry and basil…the perfect pair! Combine them for a simple water infusion or the perfect Valentine’s Day Cocktail.

To Make:

Strawberry Basil Infusion: Add strawberries, basil and lime to your Spärkel bottle. Top off with water to fill line. Carbonate on level 3.

Valentine’s Strawberry Basil Rosé: Add strawberries, basil and lemon to your Spärkel bottle. Pour rosé wine to 1″ below fill line and carbonate on level 5. Cheers!


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