Spärkel Your Holiday Series: Ginger Non Alcoholic Spritz

Welcome to our Spärkel Your Holiday Series! In this series, we tasked Beverage Consultant, Monica from Liquid Culture with creating 3 holiday themed cocktails highlighting 1 hero ingredient and WOW, did she deliver! What was her ingredient of choice? GINGER! Here’s the last of three indulgent recipes featuring ginger: Holiday Ginger Non Alcoholic Spritz!

Holiday Ginger Non Alcoholic Spritz

By Monica Carbonell of Liquid Culture

Not every spritz is alcoholic. What Spritz translates to is a bubbly beverage, which thanks to Spärkel, does the job right here. I went completely traditional in holiday flavours, mixing Cranberry Juice, freshly squeezed Blood Orange juice and Ginger beer. Let’s dive into the WHY.

As soon as Winter and Blood Oranges hit the market, I go crazy for it. It has these bitter attributes that I prefer over regular orange juice, and the colours are so rich and dark that looks great for the gram. Seeing as ginger works so well with citrus, I knew the mix of Cranberry juice and Blood Orange would be the perfect mix.

When choosing your Cranberry juice, try to get that pure 100% juice. The “cranberry cocktail” you often find just has more sugar than I care to enjoy. This beverage is very citrus forward, and I do recommend a dash of sugar or honey if you prefer. Or simply lower the amount of cranberry juice and add a bit more blood orange to the mix. For this Alcohol Free imbibe, I pour in ginger beer and YES, even though it’s carbonated, it CAN still be used when mixed in the Spärkel machine. Just ensure all your items have been left in the fridge to chill before placing into your Spärkel machine.

Now just because this recipe is Alcohol Free, doesn’t mean you can’t add a spirit or two! With all these loud flavours from the ginger, blood orange and cranberry, you need a spirit that can handle its weight. I’d go with a nice aged Rum, Jamaican rum or even Rhum Agricole. Vodka could be a nice muted palate for this juice blend, or mixing this sparkling juice with Brandy or Mezcal! I encourage you to experiment a little bit. Have a small taste here and there and tell me some of your favourite pairings!

Holiday Ginger Non Alcoholic Spritz


  • 1 cup Cranberry Juice preferably 100% cranberry
  • 1/3 cup Blood Orange Juice
  • ½ cup Ginger Beer
  • ¾ cup Water
  • Optional Rosemary Sprigs for garnish.

Celebrate the flavours of the holidays with this refreshing and easy sparkling beverage that’s Non Alcoholic! Combining Cranberries, Blood Orange and Ginger.


  1. Add all your ingredients into your Spärkel Bottle.
  2. Close lid and place Spärkel bottle to the machine, and set the machine to level 4.
  3. Fill your glass with ice and top with spritz. Garnish with optional Rosemary sprig.


About Monica

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