1. Blackberry Mint Infusion: ⅓ cup blackberries (halved), 3-4 mint leaves

2. Blackberry Pomegranate Fizz: 1 cup pomegranate juice, ⅓ cup blackberries (halved)

3. Blackberry Wine Spritzer: 2 cups white wine, ½ cup blackberries (halved)

3 Simple Two-Ingredient Recipes Using Blackberries

Jazz up your water…or wine with these 3 two-ingredient recipes featuring blackberries. Fresh or frozen will do the trick!

To Make:

Blackberry Mint Infusion: Add blackberries and mint to your Spärkel bottle. Top off with water to fill line. Carbonate on level 3.

Blackberry Pomegranate Fizz: Add blackberries and pomegranate juice to your Spärkel bottle. Add water to 1″ below the fill line. Carbonate on level 4.

Blackberry Wine Spritzer: In your Spärkel Bottle, add your favourite white wine and blackberries. Add water to 1″ below fill line and carbonate on level 5. Cheers!

Tip: To enhance the juicy and sweet flavour of blackberries, you can muddle extra berries in the bottom of your glass before pouring your Spärkel drink in!


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